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The monthly meetings are generally medically related, with the speakers being specialists in their own field of medicine.

History and Aims

BCSG work closely with the Cardiac Care department at Royal Bolton Hospital and assist them with the purchase of items of equipment to make life easier for themselves and the patients they are caring for.

Annual Members and Carers Outing

Each year we endeavour to arrange a trip out for Members and Carers

Bridging the gap between Diagnosis & Treatment

How we Help

The most disturbing aspect of heart disease is the uncertainty regarding symptoms and worry as to the future.

The greatest benefit to be obtained is to meet people, apparently fit and leading a relatively full life, and to find that that they have experienced similar problems to yourself.

The intention is to provide support after the patient leaves hospital and to continue this through the recovery period.

Patients are encouraged to join the Support Group so that they can receive ongoing advice and guidance leading to a greater understanding, increased confidence and a fuller life.

Some of our members feel that being involved with the Support Group has been the biggest single step to psychological recovery.

The Support Group is run by an elected committee of Trustees appointed each year at the AGM.


We meet at Friends Meeting House, Silverwell Street, Bolton, BL1 1PP, phone No. 01204 528616 on the third Wednesday of each month.

Socialise from 7.00pm – 7.30pm with tea, coffee and biscuits prior to the formal meeting at 7.45 pm.

Programme of Meetings


In view of the ongoing Coronavirus situation it has been decided that all future meetings be cancelled until further notice. The British Heart Foundation have recommended that all support groups take this action.


Bolton Cardiac Support Group and Coronavirus


The ongoing Coronavirus situation makes it impossible to say exactly when our meetings will restart. However, while we may not be able to hold our usual meetings at the Friends Meeting House we can still be contacted using the link on this website. We understand that leaving hospital after a heart attack can be filled with trepidation. And there is the very real fear associated with Coronavirus. Of course you are very keen to go home, to your family, to your own bed, probably even more so at the moment, but often that is accompanied with anxiety. There are no doctors or nurses around if you have a problem, what are these ‘twinges’, what if I get breathless when I walk, what if, what if?

Of course there is the hospital cardiac rehabilitation service. There is someone available during this time from the team should you need support and advice on 01204 390131. There is an answer phone if there is no reply. They can give you expert help. Alternatively, you can contact us. We are not clinical ‘experts’ but we have been where you are now, we know how it feels. We have felt frightened, alone, anxious, full of ‘what if’s.’ We are happy to listen, offer encouragement and support. Remember, we have been there. Use the link on this website.

What we do want to emphasis is the importance of seeking medical help if you need it. However, going into hospital especially during this extraordinary time must be definitely less inviting! And no one wants to go back to hospital even at the very best of times. But, if you are having chest pains maybe going into your throat or arms, tightness, breathlessness or any of the symptoms you associate with your individual heart attack please ring 999. The same applies if you think you may be having a Stroke with maybe sudden weakness down one side or facial drooping.  Ring 999. It is the right thing to do. Delay can be dangerous. If it is a ‘false alarm’ it’s OK. Much better to be reassured in A&E that it is nothing to worry about than be at home having another heart attack not wanting to be ‘a nuisance.’ Ring 999!

Want specific information on Coronavirus and heart disease? See BHF website.

So, we would love to see you at one of our future meetings but in the meantime we are here if you need us. Use the link below.


















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To Join Us

So if you think that Bolton Cardiac Support group might be of help to you, then why not come along and join us. You have nothing to lose but perhaps a lot to gain. Just turn up at the Friends Meeting house on any of the meeting dates, rest assured you will receive a very warm welcome.

If you would like any further information, please complete the message box on our website with your contact telephone number. If you are requesting help of a medical nature please contact your Doctor or in case of emergency ring 999.

There is an Annual Registration Fee of £10 per year. This covers the Carer / Patient / Spouse / Partner or Friend, plus a £1 per person contribution when you attend a meeting. This helps towards the running cost of the group.


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The Group is established by a constitution dated 23rd October 1991 and as amended from time to time.

The Group is fully GDPR compliant.

The content on this website is for information only. No reliance should be taken on it, and it is in no way a substitute for medical advice from relevant medical professionals. Bolton Cardiac Support Group (BCSG) shall not, to the maximum extent permitted by the law, be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by reliance on information contained in this area.