Each month we have an expert who speaks for a brief period on his/her specialism and then answers any questions members may have.Speakers vary from medical doctors, physiotherapists, pharmacists and dieticians to social speakers addressing such topics as welfare rights, insurance, etc.
Occasionally we invite a non medical speaker to the meeting to add a bit of variety. One such person was George Davis who was an RAF navigator in Lancaster Bombers in WW2. George brought along a collection of personal items from his time in the RAF together with his flying log book. Following the fascinating presentation he gave us it was not surprising that many members wanted to have their photographs taken with him, some of these are included in the GALLERY section of the website

15th May 2024
North West Ambulance Service

19th June 2024
AGM with speaker Dr Peter Scott ( BCSG President)  Cardiologist Royal Bolton Hospital

17th July 2024
Kirsty Ward  ABL Health Nutritional Support

No Meeting


Dr Karthik Ravi Cardiologist RBH


talks at Bolton cardiac support group